2018 BMW i3 Sport
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Make: BMW
Model: i3
Year: 2018
Colour: Black & White
Body: Hatchback
Transmission: Automatic
Powered By: Battery

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If you're looking for a 2018 BMW i3 Sport, then you are in luck, get it before it's sold!
Seller notes:

2018 BMW i3 Sport Electric

Same one owner from new in UK and Barbados. This is the rare Sport model with larger and wider wheels to better suit Barbados roads.

Very reliable, safe, fast, smooth and economical car to use. Body constructed in Carbon Fiber and suspension etc all special alloys so car will not deteriorate and no metals to corrode. Very modern trendy vehicle of timeless elegant style.

Seller: Harold
Contact Number: 266-4000

It’s possible this vehicle may have been sold, the advertiser or buyer just have not notified us as yet.

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  • Meet at a safe and public location and bring someone with you.
  • Pay after you collect the vehicle.
  • Always request proof of purchase (transfer receipt)
Vehicle ID: 4465
Vehicle Views: 693
Vehicle Posted: May 18, 2023

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