Range Rover Sport
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Make: Range Rover Sport
Model: SDV6
Year: 2012
Transmission: Automatic
Powered By: Diesel

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If you're looking for a Range Rover Sport, then you are in luck, get it before it's sold!
Seller notes:

Fantastic vehicle - drives amazing, body and engine in great shape. Currently needs work on the suspension and AC.

Seller: Hayden Jones
Contact Number: 262-5278

It’s possible this vehicle may have been sold, the advertiser or buyer just have not notified us as yet.

  • Check the vehicle carefully before you buy it.
  • Meet at a safe and public location and bring someone with you.
  • Pay after you collect the vehicle.
  • Always request proof of purchase (transfer receipt)
Vehicle ID: 1344
Vehicle Views: 1120
Vehicle Posted: June 10, 2022

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